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Divorce Services

Divorce and Financial Well-Being

Security Financial, Inc. now offers an extension of and bridging of services previously provided by Katherine Badertscher, CFP®, CDFA®, BFA™ at Midwest Divorce Management, Inc.

<strong>Consultation&#160;</strong><strong>Services for You &#38; Your Divorce&#160;</strong>

Consultation Services for You & Your Divorce 

Embarking on the path to divorce can seem scary and, oftentimes, lonely. With the support and expert guidance of Security Financial, Inc., you’re not alone.

We provide services in the phases before, during, and after divorce.  

Regain confidence in yourself, garner a sense of well-being, and be a witness to the possibilities inherent in seeing every ending as a new beginning.

<strong>Divorce Guidance</strong>

Divorce Guidance

Though not everyone going through divorce needs a Divorce Financial Planning professional to assist, guide, develop, or evaluate divorce settlement options, those who hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® practitioner have more confidence in their divorce outcomes and assurance in themselves to build their financial future and manage through the curves of life.

<strong>Divorce &#38; Financial Questions</strong>

Divorce & Financial Questions

Gain more confidence in your divorce outcome and courage to build your financial future.

Contact us for the following services:


  • Pre-divorce financial consultation


  • In divorce guidance and education for financial knowledge, financial health, and wellbeing

  • Ongoing divorce consultation services including Divorce Financial Planning, Cash Flow & Divorce Settlement evaluation, Life Transitions consultations


  • Ongoing life transitions planning, financial planning and financial advisory services
  • Building investment strategies and financial plans for your personal goals
<strong>Other Divorce Questions&#160;</strong>

Other Divorce Questions 

Once you've decided to divorce, how you divorce is the most important decision

  • Learn about your Divorce Process Options
  • Learn about Mediated and Collaborative Divorce

Contact us for more information and expert guidance on how to select a divorce process with integrity & compassion

<strong>Divorce &#38; Growth&#160;</strong>

Divorce & Growth 

Divorce is a difficult and emotional process.

  • During transitions, emotions also become a principal driver to financial decisions. Find balance and connection to the emotions as you work to build your financial future
  • Regain confidence in yourself, grow with new knowledge, and begin a new journey.

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Post Divorce Support

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. Building your financial future begins with a conversation. Learning about your personal situation, discovering your goals, and defininig your tolerance for risk are the building blocks for our work. 

Let's build your plan!

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